John Tester, like Biden, claims to be a moderate, and then votes like Squad member, minus the lip gloss. Tester has been around look enough to know Biden's spending was going to spike inflation.

3 1/2 years later, groceries are up 40% and gas 50% from 2019, at the beginning of driving season. Montanans rarely utilize public transportation. The State is too vast and sparsely populated. Gas and diesel are also used on farms and ranches in vast quantities, making the price much more important to Montanans, then New Yorkers, but Tester still votes like AOC.

Few states have been harder hit by drugs than Montana, yet Tester has never once asked Biden to close the border. John welcomes Biden's 9 million unvetted migrants with open arms. Even as they drive drug supplies up, and prices down. Tester doesn't care about Montanans that OD. He is a good Progressive first.

As a farmer, Tester knows EVs are not coming to fields soon. A tractor or combine can be refueled by a fueling truck in the middle of a field, several miles long. EV chargers are harder to come by. The notion of EV semi trucks moving grain and livestock, would risk the US food supply, send grocery prices even higher and level all farmers economically.

Moreover, Tester knows if Biden has a 2nd term, he will purposefully drive the price of gas up, to juice EV sales and to lower consumption. Gas up 50% in Montana is bad enough, send Joe and John back to DC, and it could easily be up, 100% next year.. Tester is a dyed in the wool Progressive, that feigns being moderate each election year. Montanans shouldn't fall for the con again.

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"...his campaign will raise hundreds of millions of dollars..."

Democrats are the party of billionaires and ultra rich, so they think every election is for sale. Running phony campaign ads is far less effective than grassroots get-out-the-vote efforts.

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