I believe the Democrats should stop looking at people through their "what color are they" lenses. It's just one more take, to me, on racism and on massive, ignorant stereotyping, lefty version.

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Dems seem constantly surprised, non college educated people, of any skin hue, can do Math.

In the past few weeks, the WSJ has reported actual food costs have risen nearly 40% since Biden walked into the WH. Food is more expensive as a percentage of wages, than at any time in the past 30 years. The Journal also calculated electricity has risen nearly 30% since Biden's arrival in DC.

Gas is up 35%-50%, depending on the state.

None of the above items are optional. Moreover, summer can be especially hard for families on strict budgets. School is not providing breakfast and lunch for kids. Childcare costs for families with elementary kids add to the burden, with even modest summer camps, suddenly unaffordable.

Biden has produced a living standard doom loop for more than half the nation. The notion that Dems expect Hispanics not to notice, would be funny, if the underlying premise was not so blatantly racist.


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Four observations (Southern Californian here):

(1) Type of religious affiliation undoubtedly plays a major role in political preference. Traditionally Latinos were mainstream Roman Catholics with their “Social Gospel” orientation, but Latinos are now hugely attracted to “Evangelical”/”Born-Again” Christian sects, with their emphasis on things like the “immorality” of “LGBTQ”. These churches are all over the place in SoCal and surely exceed the number of Catholics parishes by a wide mark.

(2) Working Class Latino males are becoming much more like their white male brethren in terms of “Culture War” issues, and not at all like your typical lefty Democrat views them, i.e., as just another component of Democrats’ “People of Color” coalition. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that these agricultural and construction-worker types listen to Latino versions of male-oriented right-wing Talk Radio as well, with all their sniping at Bleeding Heart Democratic foibles and other “sissy” stuff.

(3) It shouldn’t be surprising that working-class Latinos are clamoring for better Border Controls, since it’s now their wage scales that face downward pressure from continued immigration.

(4) Latinos aren’t at all unique in their defection from “lefty” Democratic politics. A surprising number of immigrants in Southern California’s ethnic mix - Armenians, Persians, Indians, and, of course, Vietnamese - turn out to be staunch Trump-supporters. This isn’t just natural “right-wingers” such as wealthy people among those groups, but also substantial numbers of “traditionalist” working-class people. Just the other day my sister in Tucson got into a big argument with a Navajo lady on the bus who hated Biden and loved Trump, mainly over Border issues. Apparently a lot of these people aren’t terribly sophisticated and are easily recruited into various demagogic right-wing culture-war campaigns. (Certain lefty Democrat positions, of course, deserve opposition.)

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"Apparently a lot of these people aren’t terribly sophisticated and are easily recruited into various demagogic right-wing culture-war campaigns."

Seriously? That's a left-wing stereotype of people who think differently. Why not just call them "bitter clingers" or "deplorables"?

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Okay - fine with that!

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Columbia grad?

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