Quite the article. The author talks around the real reason people are concerned about Biden’s age. People see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears that Biden has obvious and progressing cognitive decline. People see his confusion pretty much whenever he is in public, and especially when it’s an unscripted event. People see the note cards with reporters pictures and very scripted interactions and the fact that he is hidden from almost all non scripted interactions and conclude, reasonably so, that Biden is in decline, both physically, but more importantly, mentally. It’s obvious to everyone. That’s why he is hidden from the public. It’s why, and I’d bet my last dollar, he will not debate Trump.

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You are exactly right - it's not the age; it's the appearance of dementia. A friend of mine, now deceased, was finalizing a patent in his 90s. Having done volunteer work with seniors for over 15 years, I can tell you that "Uncle Joe" is sliding downhill. I worked in DC for years and Biden was never the brightest porchlight on the block, but he was able to function back in the day. Now it is obvious that he needs a large support system to answer a simple question.

As for "his feistiness during his State of the Union address", anyone who has dealt with a relative with dementia can tell you that anger and paranoia are often reactions common in some situations. Many, many of us have seen such reactions in our relatives.

As you say, this doesn't mean that Biden will necessarily lose in 2024. Trump's baggage is of a different type.

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Yup, agree 100%. Had a parent and in-law with dementia and see the signs all over Biden’s actions. Plus even when he was coherent he usually made a wrong decision. Just look at former secretary Gates comments about him. Just look at Obama”s comments about him. What’s amusing and frightening at the same time is the left wing media’s total ignoring of the issue. Harken back not too long ago when they questioned Trumps fitness for office with nothing, nada proof to go on, yet ignore, deny and if confronted make excuses for Biden, just like the author if this piece is doing.

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What some call "feisty," others call divisive, mean and petty.

Many don't view Biden as the one making decisions in the White House, but instead see all the Obama retreads running the show.

And what kind of ego would you have to have to insist on running again, when just about any Democrat (except Hillary) could win by a landslide?

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As a moderate conservative I love to read the Liberal Patriot because (most of the time), the opinions shared are very reasoned and very thought provoking. But I had to do a double-take on a couple statements.

First: "Roosevelt, admittedly one of the most colorful and brilliant people to reside in the White House and seen by the contemporary public as a war hero for his exploits in Cuba, was also a champion of Indian removal and Anglo-Saxon racial supremacy and provoked and prosecuted a six-year colonial war in the Philippines."

Second: "In fact, Biden had already accomplished more in office than most of his predecessors, but it didn't matter. He didn't appear to have done so. Instead, he appeared "old."

In the first context, once again, let's ignore historical context and call Teddy Roosevelt a racist. I will admit I'm biased because I greatly admire TR. But to suggest that he accomplished very little other than fighting in some "Cuban conflict" and being a racist is ridiculous. I don't see mention of the civil service reforms he touted, the fact that he was instrumental in the Panama Canal, or that he received a Nobel Prize for brokering a peace between Japan and Russia. Nor is their a mention of the fact that in his late 50s/early 60s he traversed an unknown river in the Amazon, and nearly died.

To suggest Biden has accomplished more "in office than most of his predecessors" is an absolutely incredible statement. That's where you lose me.

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