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The Liberal Patriot (TLP) is a digital newsletter focused on American politics, public policy, and international affairs. TLP aims to provide readers with honest analysis and original commentary to help advance a “pro-worker, pro-family, pro-America” agenda for the country.

The Liberal Patriot believes in personal freedom, equal dignity and rights for all people, and a common-sense approach to politics. TLP welcomes readers from all backgrounds and perspectives.

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John Halpin

John Halpin is the president and executive editor of The Liberal Patriot. He writes about U.S. politics and elections, ideology, and public policy.

Ruy Teixeira

Ruy Teixeira is a Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and co-founder and politics editor of the Substack newsletter, The Liberal Patriot. His new book, with John B. Judis, is Where Have All the Democrats Gone?

Peter Juul

Peter is senior managing editor at The Liberal Patriot, where he writes about foreign policy, science and technology, and reviews books. Prior to TLP, Peter worked as a foreign policy analyst at the Center for American Progress for over 15 years.

Brian Katulis

Brian Katulis is editor-at-large of the Liberal Patriot and writes about international affairs and the intersection of U.S. foreign policy and politics.