Sitemap - 2023 - The Liberal Patriot

TLP Week in Review, 12/3-12/9

America Deserves My Vote, But You, President Biden, Do Not

The Democratic Coalition Is Falling Apart

What Bayard Rustin Could Teach Democrats Today

Toward a Broader Atlantic Community

Class Conflict and the Democratic Party

Labour's Electoral Strategy

TLP Week in Review, 11/26-12/2

Don’t Lose Focus on U.S. Hostages in Gaza

The Democratic Position on Crime Is a (Political) Crime

The Rural Challenge for Democrats

The Return of the Indecent Left

With Winter Comes Extreme Cold, but Does Climate Change Make it Worse?

Legacy Media and Political Polarization

TLP Week in Review, 11/19-11/25

The Crisis of Police and Public Safety

A Mississippi Walloping

Why the American Right is Wrong on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Fragility of Israeli Deterrence

7 Themes Shaping U.S. Infrastructure Policy

TLP Week in Review, 11/12-11/18

Pragmatic Politics for Energy Abundance and Affordability

The Eerie Complacency of the Democrats

Are The Kids Alright?

What Comes After the War in Gaza?

What Should Be the Goal of U.S. Industrial Strategy?

Democrats Should Defend Sex-Based Rights for Women and Girls

TLP Week In Review, 11/5-11/11

Democrats Win a Status-Quo Election

What It Will Take to Make America Great

Where Have All the Democrats Gone? A Review from the Left

America Can’t Go It Alone in the Middle East

Where Have All the Democrats Gone?

Cultural Realism in K-12 and Higher Education

TLP Week in Review, 10/29-11/4

Preventing a Wider Middle East War

The Progressive Left Is a Paper Tiger

Immigration Small Ball

Mission Impossible

Sick and Tired of the News?

Beyond Market Access

TLP Week in Review, 10/22-10/28

Knowing Your Enemy's Propaganda

The Worst Fox News Fallacy of Them All

Stuck in the Middle—Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide

Political Theater at Its Finest

Is There a New Left Stirring Within The New Right?

What Congress Can Do To Help Israel

TLP Week in Review, 10/15-10/21

Global Temperatures are Spiking

Time to Throw the Intersectional Left Under the Bus!

Why Trump Lost Georgia

President Biden’s Historic Wartime Visit to the Middle East

Go Big on U.S. Political Reform

Targeting Distressed Places

TLP Week in Review, 10/8-10/14

Lighter Than Air—and Common Sense

The Democrats’ Immigration Problem

The Biden Administration Rises to New Challenges in the Middle East

How the Liberal Order Strikes a Balance

Democrats’ Political Advantage on Abortion is About to be Tested

Middle America Will Determine the 2024 Election

TLP Week in Review, 10/1-10/7

America Needs to Build More (and Better) Ships

The Gaping Hole in the Center of the Electorate

The Insidious Lie That We Can’t Understand Each Other

How Biden's Economic Policies Outperform "Bidenomics"

The Rising Tide of Conservative Isolationism

Israeli Democracy and the Future of U.S.-Israel Relations

TLP Week in Review, 9/24-9/30

How "Opportunity Pluralism" Can Renew K-12 Public Education

The “Bidenomics” Pitch Falls Flat

TLP/YouGov 2024 Presidential Election Project—Wave 2

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are Competing for Labor Support

The Case for Democratic Capitalism

Rising Above Israel’s Secular-Religious Divide

TLP Week in Review, 9/17-9/23

My Strange Meeting with the Iranian President

Workers Bark Back on “The Green Dream or Whatever”

Media for the Common Good

One Suburb’s Attempt to Build an Integrated Community

Look Homeward to Fight for Global Freedom

The Israeli Struggle Continues

TLP Week in Review, 9/10-9/16

Union Voters Could Be Decisive in 2024

The Democrats' Oliver Anthony Problem

Voters Aren’t the Problem. It’s the Media and Political Institutions.

Would You Buy a Used Car From Vladimir Putin?

Are Hurricanes the Icons of Climate Change They are Made Out to Be?

Trump is Not as Strong as He Looks

TLP Week in Review, 9/3-9/9

Why Activists Keep Telling You the World is Ending

It’s Official! The Democrats Have a Nonwhite Voter Problem

Coups, Counterterrorism, and Competition

You Say You Want a Revolution...

TLP Week in Review, 8/20-8/25

America Needs a Better Foreign Policy Debate

Normie Voters Want Common-Sense Politics!

The Three Faces of Right-Wing Populism in Europe

In Search of Purple Rain in the Middle East

Turning Down the Temperature on Extreme Claims About Extreme Weather

A Not-So-Cruel Summer

TLP Week in Review, 8/13-8/19

Republican Voters Don't Particularly Like Ron DeSantis

An Insurance Policy for Democrats

Catering to Highly Educated Whites is Disastrous for Housing Policy

A Path to Institutional Pluralism

Trump's Indictments Are Good for Democracy, Actually

Why U.S. Foreign Policy Needs More Coalition Building at Home

TLP Week in Review, 8/6-8/12

Three Demographic Trends Underlying Our Growing Partisan Polarization

Brahmin Left Vs. Populist Right

A Path to Civic Pluralism

Neighborhoods Are Not Local Labor Markets

Time to Lay Out America's Aims in Ukraine

What Can Federalist No. 10 Teach Us About Contemporary Politics?

TLP Week in Review, 7/30-8/5

Culture Matters

The Democrats’ Nonwhite Working-Class Problem Re-Emerges

The Two American Lefts

The Biden Effect

The Destroyer of Worlds

Sleepwalking through War Crimes and Genocides

TLP Week in Review, 7/23-7/29

What Polls Reveal About America’s Attitudes on LGBT Issues

A Lot of Voters Who Dislike Trump Dislike Biden Too

Will Biden’s Efforts to Create Good Jobs Succeed?

Politics Isn’t Life

Save America's Robotic Explorers!

The Damaged Brands of America’s Two Political Parties

TLP Week in Review, 7/16-7/22

The Rise and Fall of Left-Wing Populism in Europe

The Democrats’ Agenda Has a Green Achilles' Heel

Dispatches from the Heartland: Don’t Bet Against America

President Herzog Comes to Washington

Democrats Face Some Political Vulnerabilities on Foreign Policy

Not Your Father’s Middle Class

TLP Week in Review, 7/8/23-7/15/23

The Greatest Show on Earth

The Democratic Party Left vs. the Center

A Warning Order from Florida

Introducing the 2024 Patriot Index

America Still Has an Elon Musk Problem

Will Asian Americans Retreat from Democrats?

TLP Week in Review, 7/1/23-7/7/23

Bring Ukraine into NATO

Class Is Back in Session!

Reading Orwell in Tirana

Breakfast with Thomas Jefferson

We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident…

TL(PM) DIGEST: All good things...

TL(PM) DIGEST: Supremes end race-based affirmative action for college admissions

Oz, Fetterman, and the Future of Pennsylvania Politics

TL(PM) DIGEST: Still no "Ukraine fatigue" in sight

Israel's Liberal Patriots

TL(PM) DIGEST: Broadband for all

Americans Have Moved Beyond Affirmative Action

TL(PM) DIGEST: Treason season begins early in Russia this year

America Can’t Save Moscow From Itself

TL(PM) DIGEST: The Biden-Modi bromance delivers the goods

TL(PM) DIGEST: Indian PM Modi receives the red carpet treatment

Five Reasons Why Democrats Should Focus Obsessively on Working-Class Voters

TL(PM) DIGEST: Populism rising

The Great Awokening of Higher Ed Has Ended—But Is It Too Late?

TL(PM) DIGEST: You don't have to live like a refugee

Why Has Gov. Ron DeSantis Failed to Gain Steam So Far?

TL(PM) DIGEST: Little Trouble in Big China

How Not to Rule

TL(PM) DIGEST: Peace sells—but who's buying?

America Shouldn't Ignore Rights Abuses in India

TL(PM) DIGEST: Hitting pause on interest rate hikes— at least for now

The Democrats’ Economic Management Challenge

TL(PM) DIGEST: Go south, young man

Counterterrorism Partnerships Sharpen America’s Competitive Edge

TL(PM) DIGEST: The Trump circus moves on to Miami

Beware of Nationalist Self-Deceptions

TL(PM) DIGEST: Patriots defending Ukraine

An Island Paradise at a Critical Crossroads

TL(PM) DIGEST: Federal charges come for the former president

"National Greatness Liberalism" Requires an End to the Culture Wars

TL(PM) DIGEST: Blame Canada!

Five Reasons to be Skeptical of the Youth Vote

TL(PM) DIGEST: Mike Pence and Chris Christie have entered the chat

What’s the Matter With Florida?

TL(PM) DIGEST: Lost in the flood

What Biden Should Do About Affirmative Action

TL(PM) DIGEST: Beijing still refuses to take America's calls

So Far, So Good on Biden's Industrial Policy

TL(PM) DIGEST: Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Dispatches from the Heartland

TL(PM) DIGEST: Default Caucus takes the L

Why Can’t the Democrats Be More Moderate?

TL(PM) DIGEST: All we are saying is give Ukraine's peace terms a chance

Do Place-Based Policies Work?

TL(PM) DIGEST: No way to run a circus

Politics is Designed to Alienate Most Americans

Embiggen the G7!

TL(PM) DIGEST: Cancel culture with Chinese characteristics

TL(PM) DIGEST: DeSantis ignores the cardinal rule—Never Tweet

Has the Emerging Democratic Majority Re-Emerged?

TL(PM) DIGEST: Ron DeSantis has entered the chat

The Reductionism of Racial Backlash Theory

TL(PM) DIGEST: Hitting back against fentanyl

A University Gets Free Speech Right

TL(PM) DIGEST: Seems like every path leads to nowhere

"A Fighter for My Country"

TL(PM) DIGEST: No stop signs, speed limit on the highway to default

A Broken Link Between Democrats and Young People

TL(PM) DIGEST: Biden awards public safety officers for bravery above and beyond the call of duty

Where Is the Electoral Payoff to Progressivism?

TL(PM) DIGEST: Debt ceiling debacle claims Biden's strategic Pacific trip

My American Crossroads

TL(PM) DIGEST: Going back to the border

A Politics Worth Watching

TL(PM) DIGEST: A wild election weekend in Turkey

What the Rise of Christianity Can Still Tell Us About Power, Ideology, and Society

TL(PM) DIGEST: A bond in every pot

TL(PM) DIGEST: Break on through (to the other side of the border)

The Democrats’ Merit Problem

TL(PM) DIGEST: Dancing on the debt ceiling

Transcending the Education Culture Wars

TL(PM) DIGEST: The backlash, my friends, is blowin' in the windmills

The Big Tune-Out of 2024

TL(PM) DIGEST: When industrial policy starts to work a little *too* well

The Limits of Foreign Aid

TL(PM) DIGEST: Job growth can't stop, won't stop

Young Voters Are More Moderate Than You Think

TL(PM) DIGEST: Drones over the Kremlin

How the White Working Class Could Sink the Democrats…Again

TL(PM) DIGEST: NATO spreads to Japan

How Much Will Abortion Influence the 2024 Presidential Race?

TL(PM) DIGEST: Culture war? What culture war?

Back to the Future

TL(PM) DIGEST: The bank failures just keep on coming

Sign Up for Free to TLP—And We Give Money to Help Vets and Their Pets

TL(PM) DIGEST: Nevertheless, inflation persisted

TL(PM) DIGEST: Debt ceiling follies continue in the House

Five Reasons Why Biden Might Lose in 2024

TL(PM) DIGEST: Russia attempts a poor Top Gun remake over Syria

An Unhappy Marriage with No Hope of Divorce

TL(PM) DIGEST: Dark Brandon's case for a second term

How National Security Issues Could Impact Biden’s Re-Election Chances

TL(PM) DIGEST: Age is just a number, man

Five Numbers to Watch Ahead of Biden’s Re-Election Announcement

TL(PM) DIGEST: New SpaceX rocket goes boom

TL(PM) DIGEST: Xi Jinping goes a courtin'

Florida Man Turns State from Purple to Deep Red

TL(PM) DIGEST: America's life expectancy slides again

How Identity Politics Aids the Right and Divides the Left

TL(PM) DIGEST: DeSantis could beat Biden—but his party needs to kick its addiction to Trump

Nation-First Public Policy

TL(PM) DIGEST: We have lift-off on America's new industrial policy

Beyond Diplomacy and Development

TL(PM) DIGEST: Beijing just doesn't know how to quit Moscow

TL(PM) DIGEST: We regret to inform you that France's President Macron has once again put his foot in his mouth

The Working Class Isn’t Down with the Green Transition

TL(PM) DIGEST: The interest rate hikes will continue until morale improves

The Cost of Ending Counterterrorism

TL(PM) DIGEST: COVID-19 vaccines—the next generation

American Politics Needs a New National Purpose

TL(PM) DIGEST: Come on up for the manufacturing rising

What Makes Liberal Patriotism’s Foreign Policy Ideas Distinctive

TL(PM) DIGEST: Social Security—still popular after all these years

Another Somber Easter in Iraq

TL(PM) DIGEST: Uneven optimism on the economy peaks through the gloom

Bragg's Indictment of Trump is Nothing to Boast About

TL(PM) DIGEST: Big night for abortion rights in Wisconsin

Dispatches From the Heartland

TL(PM) DIGEST: Medicaid on the chopping block for millions of Americans

The Ticking Time Bomb in Democrats’ Blue Wall States

TL(PM) DIGEST: Raise the debt ceiling without conditions

A Handbook for Public Life

TL(PM) DIGEST: Welcome Back, My Friends, to the Show That Never Ends

Working-Class Politics

TL(PM) DIGEST: Everything China Everywhere All At Once

Republicans Really Are the Party of the Working Class

TL(PM) DIGEST: Cut Federal Spending—No, Not Like That!

Helping People by Helping Distressed Places

TL(PM) DIGEST: American Patriotism Hasn't Cratered Just Yet

The New Political Spectrum of U.S. Foreign Policy

TL(PM) DIGEST: Israel on the Brink

Welcome to the New Era of The Liberal Patriot

White College Graduates Are the Democrats’ New BFF

America Can’t Afford Naivete on China

The Age Gap in Perceptions About China

Iraq’s Future Will Be Shaped by the Next Generation

How Democrats Should Handle the Culture Wars

What the Iraq War Wrought

Republicans are Defining Domestic Politics on China

Why America Needs More of a “Swing State” Focus in its Foreign Policy

The Democrats’ Coming Asian Voter Problem Has Arrived

Bolstering America’s Defenses on Cybersecurity

Why is the BBC the Most Trusted News Brand in America?

What is Artificial Intelligence For, Exactly?

The Democrats’ Patriotism Problem

"Words Are The Only Victors"

Americans Have the Lowest Trust in News in the World

Biden’s Big Bet on Transforming America’s Economy

The Democrats’ Abundance Problem

Kyiv Stands Strong, Proud, Tall — and Free

No Country for Old Men

Revisiting the Three Point Plan to Fix the Democrats and Their Coalition

It’s Not Aliens

End the Culture War on America’s Schools

Sports patriotism

White Liberals Vs. The Working Class

Winning the Peace in Ukraine

Economic Patriotism, Rightly Understood

America’s Booming Economy is a Huge Foreign Policy Asset

The Problem with Biden’s Industrial Policy

The Nuts and Bolts of an International Moonshot

The Disaffected and Disengaged Independents

Palestinians in Gaza are People, Not Props or Pawns

The Case for Climate Pragmatism

Setting Free the Leopards

The Populist Independents

What Makes Vladimir Putin Tick?

Bill Clinton Reconsidered

From Environmentalism to Climate Catastrophism: A Democratic Story (Part 3)

Lessons From a Forgotten Race Across America’s Skies

The 4 Types of Independents

From Environmentalism to Climate Catastrophism: A Democratic Story (Part 2)

Time for Plan B on Iran

America is Not Destined to Lose the Fight Against Drugs

Why Biden Should Build New Coalitions to Support America’s Foreign Policy

From Environmentalism to Climate Catastrophism: A Democratic Story (Part 1)

Zelenskyy and the Case for Internationalism

Political Independence is a State of Mind