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The Democrats’ Nonwhite Working Class Problem

There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays

The Political is Not Personal

Avoiding a Long War in Ukraine

Ten Reasons Why Democrats Should Become More Moderate

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait (in Space)

Biden's Theory of the Case on the Economy

A Liberal Patriot Foreign Policy

The Democrats’ Tenuous Hold on the Suburbs

A Liberal Patriot Vision for a 21st Century Arsenal of Democracy

More Emotions, Fewer Statistics

A Liberal Patriot Vision for Freedom in the 21st Century

The Cultural Left (Still) Puts a Ceiling on Democratic Support

Taking an Abundance Agenda Global

In Defense of Being Alone

Communist China’s vulnerabilities bubble to the surface

"This Monster Land"

Something is Rotten in the State of Maryland

Why the Four Freedoms Matter Today

Democrats’ Hispanic Problem: The Sequel

The Center Lane Widens for U.S. Foreign Policy

Taking Care of Unfinished Business

Why The Red Wave Didn’t Happen

Hispanic and Working Class Voters in the 2022 Election

Can Philosophy Make Our Politicians Better?

American Democracy Will Survive the Election

We’re All in This Together

Hispanic Voters on the Eve of the 2022 Election

Wanted: A Narrative for China Policy

God Bless You, America’s Besieged Swing State Voters

Why Democrats Will Lose the 2022 Midterm Elections

The Democrats’ Climate Problem

Progressives Jump the Shark on Foreign Policy

“One-Third of a Nation”

What to Expect from Republicans in Congress on Foreign Policy

The Democrats’ Working Class Problem Intensifies

America has an Elon Musk Problem

Inflation is a Political Wrecking Ball

Energy security is central to an abundance agenda

A Three Point Plan To Fix the Democrats and Their Coalition

Providing for the Common Defense

Lawlessness Erodes Solidarity—and Democracy

A New National Security Strategery is Coming!

Democrats Should Embrace Patriotism

Reports of Liberalism’s Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

The Healthy Parks Theory of Governance

How can we stop the madness taking over America's politics?

The Median Voter Doesn’t Want a Green New Deal

Keep Calm and Carry On

Democracies are Failing Citizens

The Missing Ingredient in Palestinian Politics

Does the Abortion Issue Mean Democrats Have Won the Culture War?

The Memes of August

“Don’t Badger Me.”

Israel’s fragmented, dysfunctional politics heads towards elections, again

What America Needs Is a Normie Voter Party!

Beyond the Water’s Edge

A Democracy Agenda for the Rest of Us

Biden’s Pro-America Foreign Policy

How Biden's Unheralded National Industrial Strategy is Recasting U.S. Foreign Policy

No "Ukraine Fatigue" In Sight

Democrats are Setting the Terms of the Debate

Pennsylvania’s Key Election Contests Are Too Close for Comfort

Bernie Sanders was (Mostly) Right

The Democrats’ Shifting Coalition

The Rise of the Neither Party

America’s Unsung Gift to the World—Saving Live Music

The Vibes They Are a-Shiftin'

Hispanic Voters Are Normie Voters

Ten Tips for People Starting Out in Their Careers

Strong at Home Means Strong in the World

Want a Diplomatic Settlement in Ukraine? Keep Arming Kyiv

Could “Inclusive Populism” Solve the Democrats’ Working Class Voter Problem?

America’s Catharsis Culture Problem

Space Exploration and Need for National Optimism

Can Conservatism Be Salvaged from Donald Trump?

Working Class and Hispanic Voters Are Losing Interest in the Party of Abortion, Gun Control and the January 6th Hearings

The Price of Losing Focus

The Missing Link in Biden’s Political Messaging

It’s Time to Declare Independence from America’s Two Political Parties

What’s Going on With Hispanic Working Class Voters?

A much-needed Middle East reboot

The Legal Fictions of the Anti-Abortion Right

The Political Battle Over Abortion Will Never End

The Democrats’ Progressive Organization Problem

The Revival of Conservative Isolationism

It’s Not Complicated—City Voters Want Crime Down and Quality of Life Up

Biden’s Chance to Tell a Clearer Foreign Policy Story

Turnout Myths Are the Democrats' Drug of Choice

“Top Gun: Maverick” is the movie America needs right now

The Devil You Know

The death of patriotism and liberalism in the GOP

Time for the Democrats’ Chesa Boudin Moment!

First as Tragedy, Then as Farce: The Return of the Internationalist-Isolationist Divide

The Center Lane is Wide Open

America’s Political Gridlock: It’s Not a Bug, It’s a Feature

Democrats Misunderstand the Suburban Vote

Move Fast and Get Things Done

The Democratic Deficit in the West

Democrats and the Abortion Issue

Seeing Each Other Across Our Many Divides

Clarify America's Goals in Ukraine

In Defense of Brevity, Pragmatism, and Self-Criticism

Pennsylvania’s Primary Election Results

What Happens in Ukraine Doesn’t Stay in Ukraine (Part 2)

The Tough Last Mile on Domestic Counterterrorism

The Tuned-Out Generation

The Bankruptcy of the Democratic Party Left

The Mild Complacency of Whenever

The strategic complications presented by cyberwar

America Needs a “Leave People Alone” Movement

The Mallory McMorrow Fallacy

Listen to the Restraint Foreign Policy Camp

“You don’t understand me.”

Biden’s Toggle to Asia

The Democrats’ Pennsylvania Problem

Keep Up the Pressure on the Kremlin

End Endless Culture Wars

A Pivotal Election for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania

How to Fix the Democratic Brand

The Superhighway versus the World-Island

6 Habits of Highly Effective Citizens

How to Avoid Sinking Ships from Dragging Us All Down

Will the 2022 Election Be a Teachable Moment for the Democrats?

How to End the War in Ukraine by Defeating Putin

Congress Needs More Working-Class Members

China is still more important than Russia

The Democrats’ Nevada Problem

Dealing with the World As It Is, Not as We Imagine It to Be

Moderation in the Name of Liberty is No Vice

Are we winning yet?

Democrats: Go Directly to the Center

The Trouble with “Integrated Deterrence”

The Department of the Politically Disengaged

Madeleine Albright’s ideals will endure

The Democrats’ Common Sense Problem

What if Ukraine wins?

America Has a Freedom from Want and Fear Problem

Look on the Bright Side…

Just How Solid Is the Black Vote for the Democrats?

Preparing for Putin's Next Escalation

Code Red on the Democratic Brand

Putin doesn’t care about war crimes investigations

The Democrats’ Working Class Voter Problem

Time to Stop Deterring Ourselves

Partisan Sectarianism is Wrecking America

America flubs the latest test of freedom

Democratic Dominance of the Nonwhite Vote Continues to Slip

The March of Folly Continues

What the Economic Left Gets Right About Politics

The Liberal Patriotism of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

What Happens in Ukraine Doesn’t Stay in Ukraine

The Democrats’ Leaky Coalition

Free World 2.0?

What Conservatives Get Right About Politics

Ukraine is the world’s first major “troll power” war

Climate Catastrophism Is a Loser

A whole new world

Think Spatially, Not Racially

Buckle up for another stupid divisive Iran debate

The Left Is Blowing Its Big Opportunity

Ancient advice for modern foreign policy

A Politics of Commonalities, Not Differences

Corporate America makes a bad bet on Beijing

Crime, “Normie Voters” and the Return to Normal

Putin’s American echo chambers

America Needs a New Public Philosophy

Looking ahead of the curve on Russia

What Would the Working Class Say? (WWWCS)

There’s probably no “diplomatic solution” to the crisis with Moscow

President Biden’s Acute Image Problem with Independents

Defend America’s democracy from foreign threats

How Not to Build a Coalition

Back to Basics

The Fight for Economic Dignity and Moral Capitalism

Why Biden’s foreign policy isn’t winning over most Americans

The Democrats’ Voting Rights Chimera

NATO expansion isn’t the problem

Is it Possible to Break Through Voter Pessimism on the Economy?

Keystone omens for America

The Democrats’ Coming Asian Voter Problem

America’s still standing in the world

Americans Need to Ratchet Down Crazy Politics